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Investment Philosophy

Supporting businesses and their people

We are committed to supporting businesses and people and are proud of the positive and meaningful impact our work has on employees, communities and other stakeholders.


We think laterally to bring innovative solutions to challenges and opportunities. We seek to be a stable partner for management, with long-term capital and ownership, and access to our global network of relationships and information. These resources help management achieve their core objective, making the business prosper.

Creating value

As entrepreneurs, we see the development of a business as a dynamic and creative process, which over time should result in building incremental and sustainable long-term value.  We believe the concept of value goes beyond financial returns and encompasses the holistic role business plays in communities and broader society.


We believe in long-term commitments and that our ownership of a business is measured by outcomes and not artificial external constraints or timelines.

Solutions in a dynamic environment

A successful economy needs entrepreneurial investors who will support companies at every stage of their development whether it is growth, restructuring or renewal.  With large-scale change and disruption impacting economies around the world at an increasing pace, the need for companies to transform to remain competitive is as real as ever.  We believe our entrepreneurial and responsible investment approach promotes successful company development and helps contribute to a thriving economy and society.